Why is contracted planned maintenance important

Why is Contracted Planned Maintenance Important?

If you run a contracted kitchen, you need to run a tight ship. Equipment breakdowns can be bad for business, staff, and your bottom line. To avoid this unnecessary stress, you should keep on top of contracted planned maintenance, to ensure all your appliances and facilities are in running order at all times. 

Here are some of the reasons contracted planned maintenance is so essential.

mportance of Commercial Kitchen Repairs

Breakdowns have a knock-on effect

An appliance breakdown can have a detrimental knock-on effect, disrupting the flow of your business. The breakdown can mean unplanned closures, reduced service, and even a loss in income due to a partially functioning kitchen. 

If you don’t keep on top of fridge/ cooker/ washer maintenance, these are all things you might have to deal with unexpectedly. Finding a trustworthy and skilled engineer to take care of your contracted planned maintenance is one way to avoid these sudden disasters.

Saves money in the long run

Keeping on top of contracted planned maintenance can save your business money in the long run. Unexpected breakdowns cost businesses a lot of money. You will have to pay emergency call-out fees if you want to see an engineer quickly, and also the emergency repair is likely to cost more money than the planned maintenance. Contracted planned maintenance can spot any potential issues early on, so you can repair them before you encountered a complete breakdown. Even more importantly, you can plan maintenance around closing hours, so you don’t have to miss out on valuable business.

Commercial Kitchen Breakdowns

Keeps your business safe

Contracted planned maintenance keeps your business protected from potential safety threats. Engineers can offer a range of safety testing such as Gas Certification and servicing, to ensure your appliances are running in full working order.

Get in touch

If you would like to learn more about contracted planned maintenance, and how it can help your business, get in touch. Our team offer a range of repair and service options, and we will be happy to talk to you about a package tailored to your exact need. 

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