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Sash Window Company in London

Windows are an essential element of a home or building. The style and section significantly affect a structure and its settings. They deliver an imperative link to the heritages.

Excellent and original windows appeal of a building. If we talk about sash windows, these are a graceful and endless feature of any building.

The word ‘sash’ mentions a single border for glazing. An outdated sash window structures two sashes that slip up and down.

In other words, the window works by corresponding the sash with a weight of steel or iron within a heavy box edging. The filling can be filled in pockets in old windows.

This standard design is usually found in Georgian and Victorian kinds of stuff. A prevalent difference includes the parallel sliding sash, the Yorkshire sash or a ‘slider’ window.

Sash Windows vs Casement Windows

Styles of Sash Window

When replacing the windows of an old home, you must always be careful. There were numerous advances and style alterations in sash windows over the years.

There are different types and styles of sash windows:


The 6’ over 6’ style is typically Georgian, although larger 8’ over 8’ windows are also communal.


2’ over 2’ is administrated best in Victorian intervals, but many other shapes can also be found.


Usually, ‘6 over 2’ windowpanes were most public, but as per Victorian times, the Edwardians saw distinctions in elegance.

Glazing in Sash Windows

Modern building rules make it challenging to have single-glazed windows on a new building, so you may have to cost differently. It is still probable to fix single-glazed windows on many renewals. There are many other options below:

Double Glazing in Sash Windows

Double-glazed windows are made from two layers of glass which allows providing better insulation and protection than single-glazed windows. Here is why you should consider investing in double-glazed windows for your home or business.

Triple Glazed Sash Windows

Mortice & Green provides sash window services in London and nearby areas, such as creating and fitting duplicate windows of Oak (Hardwood) and double-glazed as per the style of the old unique windows.

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