Carpet Cleaner North West London

Carpet Cleaner North West London

If you want your carpet (cleaning) to maintain its original appearance regularly, it is necessary to keep it regularly. Whether new or old, you have easy steps to brush, wash, or restore your carpet.

The Suction

Your carpet deserves special care. Also, vacuum brushing mode every week because it is better hair and, therefore, more effective. However, if you have an Oriental carpet, a Berber rug, or an ethnic or old one, avoid the brushing mode and suck smoothly.

Also, know that if your carpet is new, it will fluff during the first months. In this case, vacuum without using the brush; otherwise, you could damage it. Simple gestures guarantee a beautiful appearance and a longer life to remove furniture marks; use a hot steam iron positioned over the crushed bristles.

In addition, do not hesitate to change the direction of your carpet once or twice a year so that it wears less quickly.

The classic aspiration, although powerful, does not remove all the dust. It is, therefore, necessary, once a year, to use an injection-extraction shampooer by mono-brush. It will come to the end of the dust and dirt.

In addition to foams and other practical products that are commercially available, there are many more natural recipes for cleaning a carpet.

The first solution is to wash it with a sponge impregnated with soapy water (or a mixture of water and alcohol). Rinsing is then carried out with vinegar water.

If your carpet is clear, dilute a few drops of ammonia in soapy water and scrub the mat with a cloth soaked in this mixture. Wait a moment while the mixture enters, and rinse with a cloth moistened with warm water. Finally, dab it with a dry cloth.

If your carpet is dark, dab it with mineral spirits (wear gloves and ventilate the room). Leave on for about 1.5 hours and rub with a damp cloth—finally, vacuum.

Carpet Cleaner North West London

Moisten your carpet with sparkling water, let it dry and brush.

Apply sawdust on the carpet impregnated with water and ammonia (1 / 10th). After penetrating the mixture, brush the carpet and vacuum it.

In winter, if the conditions are right, you can apply hard snow to the carpet and scrub vigorously.

In addition, always check beforehand, on a corner of the carpet, that the product or mixture used will not attack the fibres or cause the carpet to go off.

To disinfect your carpet, an unstoppable method is to sprinkle it with baking soda. Leave on for about fifteen minutes and vacuum.

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