Tips to Make Moving House Easier

Tips to Make Moving House Easier

Moving house is one of the most stressful things that can happen in life. It’s expensive, it’s disruptive and it takes up a lot of time. But, with a bit of forward planning, you can make the whole process much easier for yourself. Our estate agents have talked to countless clients about moving, here are some of the tips we have collected over the years…

Work out budgets

One thing our estate agents are often surprised is overlooked, is moving costs. If you’re selling a house, work out how much money you need for the move. If you don’t have enough funds available, consider whether it’s worth moving into a less expensive house or moving with your current home before selling it.

Notify people

When you move house, it’s important to notify everyone who needs to know about your new address. You may have a lot of people that need to be notified, so stay organised and stay on top of who you have or haven’t told.

Tips to Make Moving House

Here are some examples of people that need to be notified:

  • Neighbours (if you’re moving in next door)
  • Landlord/estate agent (if you’re renting)
  • Utility companies (gas, electricity etc.)

Check access

It’s important to check the access points before you actually get to moving day. If there are any steps or narrow pathways that would make it difficult for you to get in and out of your house with heavy items, think about hiring someone to help. This can be a friend or family member who will help out for a day or two, but if this isn’t an option for you then we suggest looking at professional removal companies who can bring their own equipment and vehicles so everything goes smoothly.

Make a list

Before you start packing your moving boxes, make a list of all the things you want to take with you. This will help ensure that nothing gets accidentally left behind. If you’re selling your house, you don’t want your buyers to find your personal possessions after they’ve moved in, making a list is one way to try to help prevent this.

Tips to Make Moving House Easier


Our estate agents to talk people moving house every day. It is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be a stressful one. If you’re prepared for all eventualities and put in the effort early on, then your move will go smoothly with minimal stress and mess. If you want to talk to our estate agents about your next move, whether you are renting or buying, we’ll be happy to chat. Just get in touch

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