We welcome brands, agencies, blogs, and digital marketers to offer quality guest posts to get published on Smart Clicks.

Guest posts are a great way to spread your brand’s message while growing website traffic.

Today, guest posts have become an essential part of the content marketing strategy of many businesses. The success of guest posts ultimately depends on how relevant, genuine, and helpful the content you provide to the readers is.

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01. Guidelines

According to Google Analytics, 86% to 90% of traffic on Smart Clicks is organic, traffic that comes from search engines such as Google. So if you want your guest post to rank higher on Google search results you must follow these guidelines.

  • The content should be original/unique and must not already be published somewhere else.
  • The content should be purely written to impress visitors/readers, not Google bots and robots.
  • The density of the “Focus Keyphrase” should be according to the size of your post content. Let’s say the length of your content is 1000 words, the “Focus Keyphrase” should come at least 5 to 10 times in the range.
  • The “Focus Keyphrase” is the main keyword of your post title. For example, “How To Create a YouTube Video Step-By-Step” is a post title, and the “Focus Keyphrase” would be “Create a YouTube Video“.
  • The “Focus Keyphrase” must appear in the first paragraph.
  • The length of paragraphs should not exceed 3 lines.
  • The featured Image should be of good quality and meaningful. A Featured Image is the main image of a blog post which appears as a thumbnail.

Featured Image Size

The only acceptable Featured Image size on Smart Clicks is 1200px X 675px. 1000px is the width and 600px is the height.