Sash Windows Styles 2022

Sash Windows Styles 2022

Sash windows are some of the most underrated and exquisite elements you can have at home. While they saw a slight downturn in recent decades, they’re starting to make a big comeback. There is nothing more beautiful than a sash window. So, why should you opt for a sash window, and what type of styles can you get in 2022?

Here some of the benefits of installing sash windows:

Sash Window Refurbishment

Great Security

Sash windows look the part and are incredibly versatile, however, they also improve the security of the home. For instance, add a window catcher or opening restrictor to the window and it’ll make it tougher for someone to gain entry from outside the home. Or add plexiglass or reinforced glass panes to make the windows stronger.

Great Choice of Styles Available

There are lots of styles to choose from when it comes to a sash window. That means you can find a style that fits the look of the home and can be adapted to your windows. Many can be customised to fit your requirements as well.

A Beautiful and Traditional Look

Sash windows are classically beautiful. Their traditional looks can be wonderful and may even improve the value of the home. You’ll certainly increase curb appeal with a sash window. It makes your home a little more stylish and a little more unique.

The Georgian Sash Window

Traditionally, the Georgian would have been known as the six over six. These are beautiful windows, and the style is gorgeous.

The Victorian Sash Window

This is one of the most popular sash window styles of today. These are pretty, and stylish, and work well with Victorian-style or period properties.

The Edwardian

Sash windows from the Edwardian period were gorgeous. These styles usually have six over two panes of glass and can fit beautifully into any home.

The Gothic Period

Sash windows from the gothic period are absolutely stunning. Typically, they were arched, with some being horizontal sashes. The windows from this period stood out for all the right reasons and are making a comeback today too.

The Venetian

Sash windows don’t get any better than this. The Venetian uses a central sliding mechanism and was unique in many ways. This style is truly beautiful and would look wonderful in almost any household today.

The Queen Anne Revival

These windows were a little more unique. They consisted of several panes to the upper sash but only one or two panes to the lower sash. The Queen Anne revival period was unique, and this style is utterly gorgeous.

Choose the Best for Your Home

A sash window can be a welcomed addition to any home. It’s beautiful and unique in many ways, and there are lots of styles to consider too. From the Queen Anne revival to the gothic period and the Edwardian and Victorian eras, the styles vary considerably. That’s the great thing about sash windows, you have lots of options to choose from.

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