Bespoke Victorian Shutters

3 Different Types of Bespoke Victorian Shutters

A Bespoke Victorian shutters have become hugely popular in recent years and it’s all down to how unique they are. Window shutters are valuable elements of any home and can be easily installed. You can get bespoke Victorian shutters that are customised to fit your windows and manage your home’s privacy better too. Bespoke shutters offer better ventilation and greater control over how much light is allowed in and may even help with insulating the home. So, what are the types of Victorian shutters you can buy, and how to choose the right ones for your home?

Types of Bespoke Victorian Shutters

The Bay Window Shutter

One of the best bespoke Victorian shutters to choose from is the bay window shutter. This offers great noise control as well as optimal light and privacy. These shutters can also act as an insulator; you can keep heat out during summer and retain heat during winter. It could help with energy bills, and they look gorgeous.



These shutters are incredibly popular as they offer greater flexibility and variety. You can combine several types or opt for a traditional tier shutter. There are two sets of panels that can move independently from each other. This gives you greater flexibility over light and insulation. Tier-on-tier bespoke Victorian shutters are great and work for most homes too.

Tier On Tier Shutters

Full Solid Raised Shutters

These are great bespoke Victorian shutters because they’re reliable. Full solid raised shutters are great for bedrooms as they block out light and are extremely useful during summer. The opening features can be customised to suit your requirements also.


How to Choose the Best Victorian Shutters?

It’s important to understand the type of style you like and what you feel is best for the home. For instance, you have seen tier shutters and like their look. Bespoke full solid raised Victorian shutters, on the other hand, offer better privacy for your bedroom. So, you have to think about what is more practical for the home.

The Bay Window Shutter
You may also want to consider:
  • Costs to Install
  • What Fits Your Windows
  • Shutters That Fall Within Your Budget

These elements are important to consider too.


Choose the Right Bespoke Shutters

Bay window, tier, and full solid shutters are wonderful options and are some of the most popular choices too. Each has its advantages, but you need to think practical and what will enhance the home. You want Victorian shutters that are elegant and add real value to your property.

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