Why is facility management so important

Why is facility management so important?

With our experience spanning decades and spreading across dozens of organisations, we have created a maintenance management system tailored to suit your business’s needs.

The companies may have varied over the years, but fundamental principles remain clear; the health and safety of visitors, staff, and guests are a priority.

Successful building and facilities management comes from good planning, excellent project management, and outstanding resources.

At Sodexo, we have built our business model on the importance of a successfully run and well-­‐managed site.

With our experience running across schools, healthcare facilities, university campuses and a range of organisations in industries including Media,

Tech, FMCG, and Finance; we have the knowledge and experience of running the functional flow of any size and type of organisation.

Areas of focus for us include:


We are passionate about providing healthy, delicious options. Our catering safe is trained and briefed on particular requirements and needs to ensure your staff or students are well-fed and looked after.

Cleaning and Hygiene

Setting the right tone for your organisation is critical. We can provide high-­‐spec cleaning services and general maintenance to ensure you focus on good health, safety, and general well-being.

Facilities Management

By implementing a robust structure through our project management, we can keep up to date with asset management, building maintenance and the smooth running of your site.

Our expert catering, cleaning and janitorial team have been professionally trained to provide the best possible service for you.

Outsourcing this thread of your business to Sodexo means our highly qualified, competent team can project manage,

advise and practically provide solutions for your business’ building and facilities, ultimately giving you a successful end-­‐to-­‐end service.

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