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Why Choose a Caesarstone Worktop?

At Hamilton Stone Design, we carefully select any supplier to ensure they offer the highest quality and most suitable product for our customers.

We’ve been using Caesarstone worktops in our kitchens for years. They do have an unbeatable selection of finishes. They consistently come up with new, innovative features ahead of the curve and make a living in your beautiful new kitchen remarkably easily (something that many space designers can often forget).

So, why should you opt for a Caesarstone worktop? Read on to find out

It looks like the original

1. It looks like the original

Caesarstone worktops are manufactured materials but perfectly mirror the appearance of the ‘real’ natural material. Bypass the high maintenance complications of marble, granite, limestone or concrete worktops.

We have designed kitchens for all areas

2. Minimal maintenance required

This brings us to our second point; just how easy it is to care for Caesarstone worktops. The materials are stain, scratch and heat-resistant and require minimal cleaning. Talk about ‘the dream. Anything that reduces the need for kitchen cleaning is a winner in our books!

Designing your kitchen with Hamilton Stone Design

3. Versatility

Caesarstone worktops can be used in any room you require; kitchen, bathroom, utility rooms. The durability mentioned in point 2 makes them hygienic, non-porous and versatile. If you want to get creative, it can also bar helpful for flooring and wall cladding!

kitchen cleaning is a winner in our books

4. The ever-expanding range

Caesarstone has an option in every colour and finishes you can imagine, and it’s ever-expanding. To get a feel for the range, pop into our showroom and take a look at our samples as one of our team guides you through each one, and take home a brochure so you can begin to picture how it will look in your home.

Designing your kitchen with Hamilton Stone Design

Our worktops are all made to order by Caesarstone. When we design your beautiful new kitchen, we will mock up a cad design of your kitchen so you can see how it will perfectly fit into your space. If there is a particularly difficult nook or cranny in your kitchen you’re concerned about, don’t be. We have designed kitchens for all areas, and nothing phases us!

Why Choose a Caesarstone Worktop

Once you’re happy with the design, we will organise the entire kitchen fitting process and arrange for the worktop to be made and delivered before fitting it with our expert fitters.

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