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A Guide to Coffee Types

Our mobile coffee catering van can knock up a wide range of lovely coffees, but we often find customers are confused about what quite is the difference between those coffees. This guide helps you learn your mocha from your flat white and your espresso from your macchiato… it’s crazy how much you can do with some milk and a handful of beans.

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Perhaps the most self-explanatory one, this is as simple as it gets, ground coffee beans steeped in boiling hot water. Since this isn’t dolled up with milk, the quality of the coffee is particularly important. 


This is the one our mobile coffee catering van gets asked for most often. A latte is made up of a double shot of espresso, combined with steamed milk with just a touch of foam. The milk should be more silky than foamy. 

Mobile Coffee Catering | Panda Coffee


Similar to a latte with the coffee quantity, a cappuccino differs in the milk. The milk should be more frothy and you will often find chocolate powder sprinkled on top.


An Americano is kind of like a black coffee, however, the Americano consists of a shot of espresso topped up with hot water. If you are making this at home always be sure to pour the espresso first, before adding the water.


Espresso is the foundation of all of our coffee drinks, it can be topped up with milk or water, or it can be consumed alone for an intense caffeine hit. 

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A cortado is the perfect blend of espresso and warm steamed milk, the quantity should be about 1:1.


A macchiato is another espresso-based drink, but this one has a small amount of milk foam spooned on top.


For the chocolate lovers our coffee catering van encounter on the regular, a mocha is similar to a cappuccino, but instead of the chocolate powder being sprinkled on top, it is also mixed into the milk, creating a caffeine/ chocolate kick all in one. 

The Benefits of Mobile Coffee Catering

If these descriptions have got your taste buds tingling, get in touch to arrange a visit from our mobile coffee catering van so we can whip up some of these delicacies for you.

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