New Sash Window Refurbishment Service in London

New Sash Window Refurbishment Service in London

Modern and contemporary, rural and rustic, traditional and classic; no matter the style and structure of your property, Sash Window Refurbishment are the versatile, popular style enjoyed by homeowners all over the UK.

Sash Window Refurbishment Service

Many of our customers have sash windows, and for a good reason:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing for all housing styles. The versatility of the class makes these windows an excellent choice for flats, apartments, detached or semi-detached houses, historical buildings and commercial properties.
  2. Structurally sound. The materials used for sash windows make these an excellent choice for reducing heat loss in the home, making them cost-effective and kinder to the environment.
  3. Easy to Maintain and clean. With weather damage and water, you may think these windows need to be replaced regularly. Still, the combination of the materials and paint makes these an excellent choice for any home.

At Mortice & Green, we offer an outstanding Sash Window installation service and give you the aftercare you need by providing our new refurbishment service.

London Sash Window Repair Specialists

Let us tell you more…

Our refurbishment and repairs service works to keep your sash windows maintained and working for your home without the headache of replacing the windows when restorations will do.

Replace or Repair my Sash Windows

Common areas that require attention might be:

Draught proofing to ensure you don’t lose heat from the house, installing double glazed windows and repainting and decorating the wood (this is usually needed to be done every five years) all these ailments come under general wear and tear of being subjected to the elements, wood slowing contracting and whether you chose double-glazing when the windows were first installed. These sound-proofing, heat storing and redecorating capabilities can keep your windows more vital for longer, your utility bills down, your carbon footprint can be reduced, and your home can feel the difference between the loud noises from the street to a quiet and relaxed house instead.

These beautifully designed windows can be long-lasting if you give them a touch of TLC.

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