The Benefits of Mini Piling

The Benefits of Mini Piling

When you are scoping out an engineering project where there is restricted access to the site or limited space, mini piling can be a great solution. Mini piling is suitable for most tight or low headroom projects, meaning it is ideal for works inside existing buildings, or on building sites where there is restrictive access.

Our piling company uses mini piles ar a replacement for traditional footings, for projects such as new build houses and office blocks, when grounds become difficult to work with. Mini piles are also great for strengthening existing structures, such as bridges and retaining walls.

Piling company uses mini piles

Our piling company utilises mini piling for a wide range of reasons:

  • Mini piling works extremely well in instances of both tension and compression
  • As a piling company, if a speedy install is required of us, mini piling can be a great solution
  • Mini piling systems mean piling companies can help builders create extensions in homes that might have ordinarily been out of bounds
  • Mini piling causes minimal disturbance/vibration to nearby structures
  • So long as there are suitable ground conditions, min piles can be installed cost effectively, offering high load capacities
  • Mini piles can help reach greater depths easier than other piling systems
  • They can be incorporated into existing foundation systems
  • They are practical in conditions where there are heigh restrictions
  • Mini piles use less concrete then other piling systems, therefore reducing their carbon footprint
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Get in Touch to Find Out More

If you would like to find out more about how mini piling can help in your next construction project, just get in touch. With more than 15 years experience, our piling company can provide a top quality service to business and residential clients and contractors. We have built a reputation on the delivery of high quality projects, completed on schedule and within budget. We offer affordable and adaptable piling solutions, suitable for a wide range of requirements.

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